Elisa Lama has been singing and performing ever since she got a karaoke machine for Christmas when she was eight years old and has never stopped. She's been writing her own songs since fifth grade when she was in a band she made with some girls from school. She later got more serious about songwriting at the end of high school.

For four years now, Elisa Lama has been focusing on her craft, writing, being in the studio and performing some shows too. That has resulted in an EP of five songs, which she's releasing with three singles before 2023. Elisa really shortens the distance between the U.S and Scandinavia with her blend of sound and vibe.

She's quickly proving to be one to watch on the Danish music scene, and we are sure that she has the potential to grow beyond that.

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FOTO: Jesper Holm Højholdt

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FOTO: Jesper Holm Højholdt

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