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It's been a minute since a nordic artist has tastefully combined the Swedish songcraftship, the Danish indie-sound and the Norwegian production aesthetic into something that seems genuinely new and real. 

Elvira Alfaro is a 21 year old girl from Malmö, Sweden. She’s a HSP (highly sensitive person) which amongst other things means being fragile and simply feeling a whole lot. 

Using music to make abstract feelings more concrete, she’s telling stories of the overwhelming feeling to be alive and breaking those feelings into moments in songs. 

Taking the brave steps to pursue a career as an artist was difficult, but she has said that she needed to do it for the little girl she used to be. The girl that was always quiet. The girl who loved music but didn’t dare to sing because her voice didn’t sound like the popular girls in school. The girl that was trapped by her own insecurity.  She is doing this for her and all the other lonely kids out there.

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FOTO: Miranda Lundberg

FOTO: Theodor Segerfast

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